6 Keys to Helping
People Find Homes

The Rehousing Wave has been developed to help more than 800 people who have received shelter, food and critical services during the pandemic through federal and state funding. It is a collaboration between the County’s Housing for Health Division, Housing Matters, Abode Services, the Community Action Board, the Santa Cruz County Veterans Memorial Building Board of Trustees and the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Cruz. Community members, including local property owners and managers, will also play vital roles in this effort.

  1. Housing for Health Navigation Teams
    Strength-Based Care Management Plus Rental Assistance Funding
    $8 Million over 2 Years

    • Abode Services
    • Housing Matters
    • County Housing for Health Team
  2. Real Estate Partnership Program
    Abode Services
    $1.2 Million over 2 Years

  3. Community Action Board (CAB)
    Flexible Housing Problem Solving Fund
    Community Action Board (CAB)

  4. Housing Authority of the County of Santa Cruz
    $9.3 Million — Estimated Annual Value

    • 75 Mainstream Covid-19 Vouchers (for eligible persons age 18-61 who have a disability)
    • 263 Emergency Housing Vouchers
  5. Vets Hall Board of Trustees

    Monetary and item donations to support persons moving into permanent housing
  6. Community Members (We Need You!)

    Help us get people back home by providing housing opportunities, giving donations and sharing Information about the Rehousing Wave with others
Funded by one-time federal and state funding and approved by the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, the Rehousing Wave helps meet the objectives of the County’s three-year framework to address homelessness.